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Letter: Keep heli-skiing out

I read with interest the article in the April 6 Aspen Times about heli-skiing in the Elk Mountains (“Eyes on the skies”). Rick Minkhoff, whose helicopter killed three people April 1, 1993, wants another permit to disturb the animals and people of Pitkin County with his helicopter.

Imagine a nice winter trip to the Conundrum Hot Springs, enjoying the beautiful peace and quiet, when along comes Minkhoff’s helicopter service — wop, wop, wop, wop, wop, wop, wop — flying 500 feet off of the surrounding mountains so some privileged people can ski remote basins and Minkhoff can line his pockets at the expense of those on the ground.

If you think that stupid helicopter service in Telluride and Silverton isn’t noisy, just go try to enjoy the area where they fly. Bring your earplugs. Of all the obnoxious devices in the sky, helicopters are the worst. They have their place fighting fires, evacuating injured people, building lifts and occasional use. But not the constant noise created by this mode of transportation.

Write Scott Fitzwilliams, supervisor of the White River National Forest, and tell him to deny any heli-skiing permits. Let Minkhoff line his pockets over in Summit County.

Jim Wingers