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Letter: Keep Crystal River Valley wireless

Keep Crystal River Valley wireless

Dear Dee Malone, chairperson, Crystal Valley Caucus:

As we speak, informed communities keeping up with the collapse of wireless communication systems (health impacts, flaky reception, pork-barreled government finance, hacking and tower fires, radiation impacts on wildlife, birds, livestock, trees and humans) are now opting for a superior system wireless can’t touch.

Silverton, Colorado, as you read this, is putting the finishing touches on its high-speed, affordable fiber-optic system which will provide hard-wired connectivity to the entire community.

Delta Montrose Electric Association (Paonia and beyond) has announced its launching buried fiber-optic service — hardwiring all smart meters, providing phone, radio, TV and Internet — all at speeds five times what cell towers and WiFi can. No dummies over the hill, as the litigations, health effects, environmental impacts and wireless cell-communicating smart meter fiasco garner tidal wave proportions in the courts and hearing rooms globally.

Google has seen the light and is getting into hard-wired/fiber-optic systems fast.

Ironic, when we offered the Crystal Valley Caucus board (Dee is both the chairperson and a biologist?) a free screening of “Take Back Your Power,” they labeled (the now approaching 30 percent) the incidence of Electro Sensitization, wireless environmental effects and documentation you’ll find below as “paranoia running deep,” “problems that don’t exist,” and too risky for public exposure.

You might want to have a look at some of these and get involved with the Pitkin County Master Plan Revision which, if the corridor was up to speed, would have these environmental protections included.

It isn’t going to happen through your caucus representation with the county. Just like so much of the sandbagging of information and democracy — you’re apparently on your own.

My own conclusion, 20 years now on the wrong side of Electro Sensitization is that it’s horrifically painful, very real, totally destructive and completely avoidable, given you do the homework and pull the plug on the needless sizzle. Otherwise, buy a tent and a lot of warm clothes.

The Crystal is one of the last remaining wireless-free, pristine corridors left in Colorado. Keep it that way; you won’t be sorry.

Gary Duncan

Crystal River Valley