Letter: Keep Aspen free of disgusting Vail-like structures

It is projected that the millennials will flock to Aspen in droves to stay in lower-priced small room hotels (Base1 and Base2) and that this will contribute to the vibrancy of the town. Did I mention that these rates have no guarantee of being regulated? This could potentially be a bait and switch; project goes through, room prices go up.

From a business point of view, value-oriented millennials will not likely be shopping at Aspen’s high end retail shops, purchasing art at the galleries or obtaining expensive services. The rich are the folks that can afford these services, not millennials. It’s also unlikely that they will frequent Mr. Hunt’s future high-end projects. Rather, they may pack their lunch and eat in their rooms and then go back home where life is more affordable. I feel strongly that any young person who is determined to stay in Aspen will figure out a way to do so without needing to stay at a Base1 or 2 hotel. They always have.

If you are jonesing for a small room hotel, there is already one in the works across from City Market. It’s called Base1 and has no on-site parking (who’s idea was that anyway?). Or, why not split the cost of a condo or Air BNB with friends — it’s cheaper and there’s a kitchen!

Please don’t drink the Hunt Kool-Aid, even if you did drink his free beers the other night. There is no connection between small hotel rooms and young people choosing to meet the challenges of moving to Aspen to live, work and raise a family. Aspen is still a charming small town relatively free of disgusting Vail-like structures and that is what draws visitors and residents alike. Vote “no” on 2A and defeat Base2. In the long run we will all be happy you did.

Summer Richards

Pataluma, California