Letter: Keep an eye on library board

“Replacement of library’s roof is behind schedule” (Aspen Daily News, Jan. 6) is the topping on a manure pile of government stupidity and incompetence smelling up the Pitkin County Library board and top administrator positions.

The board and the head librarian would do the public a great service by resigning and permit fresh air to circulate in a transparent way with untainted new blood at the helm.

What other construction and fiscal scandals will they magically whip up to prove some folks cannot go by the book or be trusted with the public trust and managerial responsibilities?

The idiocracy clique at the apex of the county’s temple of knowledge should be seriously investigated and thrashed in the public arena.

When’s the last time you’ve read a public notice in the three local newspapers to attend a Pitkin County Library board of trustees meeting?

Yes, I’m also talking to both you deadbeat Republican and deadbeat Democratic voters who claim wisdom in Pitkin County government affairs. It’s scandalous how you let carnival carnies make you look like saps to be had time and time again.

Emzy Veazy III

Aspen and Burbank, California