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Letter: Kara Bettis for Eagle County coroner

Kara Bettis has my vote for Eagle County coroner for the fourth time. What I know about death investigation is limited, as there are many statutory requirements, logistics and legalities. What I do know is that actions speak louder than words.

Take a look at Kara’s accomplishments, and ask yourself if it is worth investing your vote in someone else when Kara has such proven knowledge and experience: certified death investigator with the state of Colorado for 16 years, deputy coroner for four years (trained with and by former Eagle County Coroner Donna Barnes, who left the position because of term limits), elected coroner for 12 years, certified medical investigator with the American College of Forensic Examiners, member of the Child Fatality Prevention Committee, member of the Colorado Coroners Association, member of the International Association of Medical Examiners and Coroners, certified emergency medical technician, bachelor’s degree in biological science with a minor in anatomy and neuroanatomy from Colorado State University and a Colorado native to boot.

In the past 16 years, Kara has investigated more than 700 deaths in our county, including some pretty tragic, sad and gruesome situations. While some might criticize her “style” or what might seem a demanding nature on the scene at times, many admirably commend her and admire her for her empathy, her positive nature, her knowledge and her take-charge resolve. The emotional toll of dealing not only with the deceased’s body but with their family, the rescuers, the transporters, law enforcement and the press is huge! And for the most part (after all, not one of us is perfect), Kara has done so with the utmost integrity, grace and commitment on the scene as well as in the office when filling those statutory requirements, logistics and legalities that go along with the job.

While Kara’s clients can’t tell us how they were treated, their families and friends certainly can. In my seven-plus years serving as your count y commissioner, only once did someone contact us and voice dissatisfaction, and it turned out not to be Kara’s “fault.” Kara is bright, witty, caring and a great mom.

Please remember to vote in November’s mail ballot election. And while you’re at it, please vote for Kara Bettis for county coroner. Thanks for reading, and best regards.

Sara J. Fisher


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