Letter: Just trying to stay dry on the Fourth of July

Does everyone love getting soaked at the Fourth of July parade? Whatever happened to folks being able to sit or stand and cheer comfortably for the many wonderful floats and demonstrations instead of having to run or duck or hide from the thoughtless parade participants?

Where we were sitting, there was an older gentleman sitting in a wheelchair who got utterly soaked. What fun! A lot of folks had to drive back down valley to change clothes instead of being able to enjoy the rest of the day’s festivities.

Maybe, many of us need to join the seniors around the Elks Lodge and form a “no-spray zone.” We are surprised that the city not only condones it, but is the major contributor to the water torrents. We are not impressed with how much water can spray out of those trucks and those hoses. Let’s grow up, mature and enjoy! Or maybe next year it just needs to be raincoats and umbrellas.

The kids love to get soaked at the kids water spray falls at the Hyman Mall.

Dick and Julie Bulkeley