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Letter: Just trying to help

Enjoy your vacation, and carpe the valley’s diem, but please don’t check your brain with your baggage.

Our rivers have adjectives such as “roaring” in their name for a seemingly obvious reason. You may have vast experience with a lake or the ocean, but this is a different beast. It’s not OK to let your kids “wade” while you observe from a second-story deck — that’s irresponsible at best. I was told to “mind my own business because we’re the parents so back off” after approaching an oblivious couple renting a vacation unit in my complex. Had I had the opportunity to communicate, I would have simply stated that as an angler, I wade the river frequently, and even with the proper boots and a wading stick, the river demands constant focus and respect.

The banks of a river do not gradually descend into the depths, and though you can see the bottom through the crystal-clear waters, that bed is anything but even, and those rocks are slicker than a buttered Slip ’N Slide. These vacationers complained to my neighbor that they had read the rule book and it said nothing about preventing their kids from playing in the river unattended. I do hope the rest of your vacation is stocked with coffee cups that alert you to the temperature of the contents and warning signs not to tease the tiger.

We have the luxury of first-hand experience, and no one is trying to ruin your good time. Enjoy Colorado — responsibly.

Sabrina Stratford

Old Snowmass

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