Letter: Just to be clear

In the latest series of promise and withdraw letters the developer, Mark Hunt has changed his mind again and now “promises” to build an underground parking garage at Base2. Please have clarity that the latest “promise” to create underground parking is legally nonbinding and is not the approval for Base2 that is on the November ballot. This means that a vote for Base2 is not a vote that includes promised on-site hotel parking. You will be voting for the original, unamended approval for Base2 and all its variances, which include:

• No on-site parking.

• Almost three times the square footage permitted by zoning and zero setbacks.

• Insufficient employee housing.

• No guarantee of affordable room rates during the season or offseason.

Discernment and a fact check on staff and council reliability regarding an after-vote implementation of said promise is also a critical component of this issue.

Vote “no” on Base2, ballot issue 2B.

Anne Byard