Letter: Join me in voting for Whitsitt

There are two candidates running for mayor in the April 5 election, incumbent Jacque Whitsitt and councilman Rick Stevens. Sometimes campaign rhetoric can make it difficult to distinguish significant differences in the governing style between candidates, but not in this election. A prime example of the differences between the candidates was showcased most recently this past January.

After months of debate, the issue of the amount and nature of development on the Pan and Fork site was at an impasse. In an effort to get the issue moving again, a Citizen’s Committee drafted a petition requesting the Town of Basalt purchase the park from the Community Development Corporation. The petition was not binding – the primary purpose being to gauge if there was enough interest among Basaltines to put the question on the April 5 election ballot. In a period of less than two weeks more than 400 registered Basalt voters signed the petition. More than 400 Basalt citizens sent a clear message!

Subsequently, the petition was presented to the Town Council requesting it be placed on the April 5 ballot. Mayor Jacque Whitsitt voted “Yes” to put the question on the ballot providing all Basaltines with the opportunity to speak to the issue on Election Day. Mr. Stevens voted “No.”

If you are a Basalt voter in general, and in particular one of the more than 400 Basaltines that signed the petition, and want your voice to be heard, I strongly urge you to join me and vote Jacque Whitsitt for mayor.

Greg Shugars