Letter: John McCain: Hero but hardly heroic

John McCain: Hero but hardly heroic

In response to Miles Knudson’s July 20 letter, “Trump wrong about McCain” (Commentary, The Aspen Times), yes, John McCain was a war hero.

He is also the man who branded thousands of his own constituents as “crazies” for showing up in Phoenix to hear Trump speak. And he’s the man who labeled Ted Cruz and Rand Paul as “wacko birds.” And Trump’s the one who must apologize?

Besides, what kind of “warrior” conducts the kind of timid, lackluster campaign that McCain ran in ’08? After he muzzled Sarah Palin, declined to exploit Obama’s known relationships with America-haters such as Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright, and fruitlessly suspended his campaign during the bailout proceedings, the only person who did any heavy lifting was Joe the Plumber. Pathetic.

Note to Pitkin County Republicans: Try getting behind someone with fire in the belly this time.

Chad Klinger