Letter: Joe Everyday

If you want me to give you some wisdom

I’m afraid you are just out of luck

There’s none around here and do I appear

To be more than your average schmuck

I drive my car fast down the highway

It is all at a relative speed

To go faster than you is all I need to do

Then move on to my favorite greed

My kids never do what I tell them

All they can do is talk back

There is always a fight, I get mad every night

Here comes my next heart attack

My dog is my only real friend in this world

We talk like two pals with a brew

He craps everywhere, maybe even the stair

Don’t say he should not or I’ll punch you

I get up super early every morning

A quick bite, off to work, don’t be late

My boss is quite nuts and my job really sucks

But if you ask me I’ll tell you it’s great

Please don’t ask me any more questions

I’ve got to lie down for a nap

Though the day is not done, we will try to have fun

When you wake me up with a slap

Prentice Boyd Billings