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Letter: Jazz Fest not disabled-friendly

While we again enjoyed the Jazz Aspen-Snowmass Labor Day Festival, I have several observations, complaints and suggestions. I attended with a friend who is currently disabled and has difficult walking long distances.

There were no drop-off areas for the disabled. I called and asked and was told we would have to ride the bus that was handicap accessible. We did this but she was dropped off at the end of the walkway with all able-bodied folks. There we stood in a long line waiting to enter. When I asked if there was a quicker entry for the handicapped, I was told no. I asked if there was a place where she could sit at entrance while I waited in line — again, the answer was no. Then when we left ( in the pouring rain), we had a very long hazardous walk to where bus would pick us up.

Suggestion: There needs to be a special drop-off/pick-up area near the entrance for the disabled who need assistance. Or a golf cart to transport those who need assistance.

The only bathroom facilities were in the food area. Again, a very difficult walk for disabled folks. Not only did we struggle, but I watched several others on crutches struggle as well. There we all waited in long lines; my friend did sit on the fence while I stood in line for her. Again, no special toilets for the handicapped, nor a place to sit while waiting after the long walk.

Suggestion: A toilet for the handicap on the main grounds with bench to sit while waiting.

While my friend’s disability is temporary, there are many others who need accommodations. They deserve the chance to attend this event without difficulty. The laws of our land require this as well. I saw very few disabled in attendance and believe it is just too difficult as it is now.

Please consider making this a better venue for all next year. All people should be able to enjoy this great event.

Judi Garman


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