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Letter: It’s not too late to rescind

Can David Cook be trusted? When a newspaper publisher misrepresents the facts in a letter to the editor in his own newspaper, it certainly begs the question, especially when the subject concerns another of his businesses. In defense of the city’s selection of the brewery and other millennial-pleasing cohabitants (one of which is Cook’s television station), he states that the selection of any of the nonprofit finalists for the space would have created a similar necessary change in zoning of the Old Power House to that which his group is now negotiating. This is patently false. The Aspen Art Museum occupied the space, located in a neighborhood zoned R-30 (residential), because it was granted an “overlay” that permitted “arts, cultural and civic uses.” Of the five finalists for the Old Power House space, all but the brewery could easily have conformed to this overlay, and no rezoning would be necessary.

Cook’s attempt to misconstrue the very real and very serious issue of rezoning the Old Power House property to that which permits commercial or perhaps even industrial use calls into question his personal integrity and is an insult to the collective intelligence of his readership, not to mention an abuse of his position. What other misrepresentations by the brewery group have been made?

All property north of the Roaring Fork River in Aspen is zoned R-30, and it should remain that way. The City Council made a grievous error when it awarded the Old Power House to the brewery before studying and weighing the serious ramifications of doing so. It’s not too late for it to rescind its selection and award the use of the building to an organization that will coexist with the existing residential neighborhood and truly benefit the community at large.

Elizabeth Milias


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