Letter: It’s invasion, not immigration

It’s invasion, not immigration

We are all so much more enlightened by the idiotic cartoon to which you devoted half a page in your July 16 “Commentary” section, depicting a heartless Republican elephant on the border denying “refuge” to Jose, Maria, and their “so-called child” Jesus, who are riding on a Democratic donkey.

Is there supposed to be an analogy here? Joseph and Mary were not migrants, refugees or aliens, but citizens who were being ordered around by big government to report to Bethlehem for a census.

They were also a family, not parent-less young men bearing disease, crime and a host of other social needs and problems into communities that will be forced to absorb them.

Let’s get real here. We are no longer talking about “immigration,” but about invasion, brought on and abetted by the same big government that’s forcing the rest of us into Obamacare and debt.

Whom, exactly, does this benefit? Certainly not middle-class white taxpayers and their unemployed family members. Certainly not African Americans, whose jobs are being stolen by cheap migrant labor, and who themselves are seeking asylum from Detroit-like inner cities. And certainly not Latinos, whose neighborhoods will be among the first to feel the degradation of their standard of living as uneducated, religion-less dependents and predators show up in their neighborhoods.

Why is this happening? It is hard not to conclude, along with Dinesh d’Souza, that progressives in the Democratic Party desire nothing more than to take a Saul Alinsky, Cloward-Piven wrecking ball to American society. It is not Jesus who is being born on the Donkey’s back, but Satan.

Chad Klinger