Letter: It took our village

Our dog Rocky is home after being lost in Missouri Heights for seven days.

They say it takes a village to solve problems. And, yes, it took the Roaring Fork Valley “village” to save a dog’s life. We are so grateful to the many wonderful people and organizations here and throughout the Western Slope that encouraged, supported and beat the bushes for Rocky.

He was found Sunday by a neighbor who heard his plaintive cries. Rocky’s leash was tangled up in a sagebrush forest. We picked him up and rushed him to the emergency vet, who said he was doing very well.

Here is a partial list of as many groups as we can recall that helped, besides the hundreds of individuals who stayed on mission: Western Colorado Border Collie Rescue, Lucky Day Animal Rescue, Garfield/Eagle County Lost Pets, the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office, Roaring Fork Swap, Vail Valley Lost Pets, Pitkin County animal shelters, Colorado Animal Rescue, Red Hill Animal Health Center, Alpine Animal Hospital, Vail Valley Animal Hospital, the Kings Row Homeowners’ Association, the Aspen Daily News, The Aspen Times and numerous others. We hope we didn’t miss a group.

Our neighbors, friends and strangers helped search, got the word out, prayed and believed that Rocky would come home safe and sound.

We are so grateful.

Mike and Roberta McGowan

Missouri Heights