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Letter: It should’ve been Torre


It should’ve been Torre

Dear Editor:

For several days now I have been wondering why our new mayor would throw away a 50-50 chance of having a pro-preservation community friendly council reflecting his basic beliefs as we supposed them to be.

Was it fear, was a family member being held hostage, was it early dementia? Who knows? Maybe he had walked by the new art museum and figured it couldn’t get any worse, so why bother.

Anyway, I wish to apologize if in any small way I had influenced anybody to vote for him. I now feel that Torre would have had better survival instincts. Steve also has thrown Ann to the wolves of greed; her great instincts probably will never be fulfilled.

There was a small chance of stopping the carnage started by Helen and exacerbated at times by a few horrendous compromises under Mick. Anyway best of luck to all of you, still a magic place to visit, but getting marginal to live in unless you wear Gucci underwear.

Les Holst

Key West, Fla.