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Letter: Israel wants peace

Israel wants peace

Cathleen Krahe’s recent letter to the editor (“Israel wants it all,” Sept. 2, The Aspen Times) blaming Israel for the problems with Gaza and Hamas is both biased and inaccurate. This is not a surprise, as Ms. Krahe has become a caricature of a one-trick anti-Israel pony. Ms. Krahe states that Israel is displeased with the Palestinians because they elected Hamas. No, Cathleen! Israel is displeased with the Palestinians in Gaza because they elected a terrorist group whose avowed goal is the destruction of the State of Israel and the death of all Jews. Moreover, Hamas has rained a constant barrage of thousands of rockets down on Israel’s civilian population. Where I live, they don’t call that a “good neighbor policy.”

Ms. Krahe seems to cast a blind eye toward every injustice in the world that does not involve Jews.

She hasn’t complained about the beheading of Christians and Americans in Iraq. She doesn’t seem peeved about the displaced persons along the Syrian border trying to get into Turkey. She hasn’t voiced much concern about the refugees in Thailand. I haven’t seen any letters from her about what the Chinese have done in Tibet.

The Israelis want to live in peace. They want their children to be safe. They want to educate their men and women. They want to have the opportunity for their physicians and scientists to develop life-saving medical technologies. In fact, they want the same thing Americans want for their families. In contrast, the citizens of Gaza diverted almost all the foreign aid they received into buying weapons. They took the concrete they were given to build schools, hospitals and universities and used it to create hundreds of miles of terrorist tunnels.

The Egyptians don’t want Gaza. The Jordanians don’t want Gaza. It’s a cesspool of terrorists and Islamic radicals. The Israelis don’t want it either. As you recall, they pulled all of their troops out years ago and made their own Israeli residents leave their homes in Gaza. Those Israelis haven’t sat around for decades claiming they were refugees. They went to work and built a new life. When they left, the Israelis gave the Gazans millions of dollars of developed real estate and businesses, including state-of-the art greenhouses, which the Palestinians that you seem to admire so much, promptly destroyed.

Fortunately, it’s clear to everyone that Ms. Krahe’s comments are not anti-Semitic. Not!

Jerry Bovino