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Letter: Israel wants peace

Israel wants peace

In his recent letter to the editor (“Cut ties with Israel,” Dec. 28, The Aspen Times), Sean Elias recommends that the United States “cut ties with Israel.” Mr. Elias continues that Israel is an “unsavory, downward-spiraling country only interested in causing problems …” I assume some of the unsavory activities and problems Mr. Elias refers to include carving a vibrant democracy out of a tiny sliver of swamp and desert, where all religions are free to worship as they please. It may also be problematic for Mr. Elias that Israelis share American democratic values, win too many Nobel Prizes, invent ground-breaking computer technology and routinely find innovative cures for cancer.

After World War II, many questioned how Europe’s Jews, including rabbis, scholars, professors and financiers, could walk so meekly and complacently to their deaths. Why didn’t they fight back? Seventy years later, Israel, born from the ashes of a terrible war, is the only Jewish sovereign nation. It has a skilled and well-trained army and a professional air force. What really frustrates Mr. Elias is that those “unsavory and underhanded” Jews just aren’t that easy to kill anymore.

Israelis want to educate their children and live in peace. They have offered many iterations of the two-state solution, all of which were rejected by the Palestinians. Israelis desperately want peace. They just don’t want to commit suicide.

Jerry Bovino


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