Letter: Islamophobia-phobia

This regards James DeFrancia’s letter “That idiot Trump” (The Aspen Times, Commentary, June 15).

Since DeFrancia has taken to muttering that those of his countrymen who question Muslim immigration are “idiots,” I think he is in need of a nice, long vacation in Europe.

I hear that Calais and Lesbos are particularly lovely this time of year, but if he prefers the big cities, there’s always Londonistan and not-so-gay Par-ee. There are lots of soldiers in the streets of Paris these days, but that just adds to the charm, n’est-ce pas? And I’m sure he can find very reasonable accommodations in the seventh arrondissement, within “striking distance,” so to speak, of all the main attractions.

And speaking of accommodations, who knows, when DeFrancia returns, he may find that Basalt is actually ready for his proposed development.

Personally, I think he’d be good for Basalt, even if I don’t find his views very good for American civilization.

Chad Klinger