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Letter: Is this the way to educate girls?

Is this the way to educate girls?

Aspen High School showed a great movie this Friday called “Girl Rising.” The movie is about educating girls and really about a hand full of girls and their stories about how important and difficult getting that education was and is.

The administrators have made it a requirement for all girls to attend the screening of this movie. They did not extend the opportunity to see this movie to the boys. Furthermore, the administration gave the teachers instructions to have a full lesson plan for only the boys in the classrooms.

I took my daughter to see “Girl Rising” this summer at the Ideas Festival. Because my daughter had already seen the movie she requested that she be able to stay in class and learn. Unfortunately, she was told that the administration would not allow that.

The administrators told the girls that they couldn’t attend class and learn because they have to go watch a movie about educating girls. I find this a bit contradictory.

One of the other issues I have with this is the exclusion of the boys. Why would this be a girl only issue? I am certain that in my house and I know I am not alone here — my husband takes my daughters’ education very seriously. Is it the intention of Aspen High School’s administration to tell boys that they are not part of nor should they care about the education of girls? It seems that they are single-handedly doing exactly what the movie is trying to teach not to let happen. Separate the boys, do not teach the girls and make sure the teachers understand that no girl is allowed in the classroom.

John Malloy, what are you doing?

Leah Davis


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