Letter: Is selfishness part of growing up?

This letter is in response to Glenn Beaton’s commentary from The Aspen Times titled: “Memo to the class warfare whiners: Grow up!” (Oct. 25).

Glenn, fact-checking is very important. I suggest you research its value. In your commentary, you lump Jonas Salk (polio-vaccine pioneer) into a group of examples that include the “Bobby who invented the iPhone.” One thing you did forget to mention, though, was that Salk didn’t accept one penny for the distribution of his life-saving gift to the world! I imagine, at $700 per phone, the iPhone inventor made a bit more money than Salk.

I bet after hearing that, you probably think he should’ve “grown up” and made himself rich. He probably figured he would leave that to all the washed-up, small-town-rag commentators and do something truly unselfish.

I think your dumb hat is too tight.

Chad Stieg