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Letter: Ireland would do more

On Saturday, our family received our ballots for the Aspen City Council runoff election. Although both individuals have run strong campaigns, we will be voting for Mick Ireland.

Mick and Bert Myrin share expertise and were both involved in getting Referendum 1 passed. However, Mick also has been involved in supporting many other proposed benefits to our community, many of which we now take for granted as just another positive of living here. Mick does not say “no” to a proposal if he knows it will benefit the community.

Mick has especially been involved in helping the Aspen School District. When Blanca served as chairwoman of the committee to pass the bond election to build a new Aspen Middle School, it was Mick who was there to provide the team with the walk and phone lists and strategic advice to help us win that very tight election. When the issue of the Aspen School District city tax came up, it was Mick again who was there to help the team with walk and phone lists. The school tax question will be coming up once again, perhaps as early as November. I know Mick will be there to support the school district once again — that is what Mick does. It would be especially helpful to renewing that tax if Mick could work the issue as a member of the City Council.

Mick supports the causes that have made our community a better place for all of us. He supported the school district, Burlingame and the Health and Human Services fund, just to name a few. For these reasons, we will support Mick for Aspen City Council. Turn in your mail ballot or vote in person at City Hall before June 2. And please consider voting for Mick Ireland for Aspen City Council.

Blanca O’Leary, Cavanaugh O’Leary Jr. and Cavanaugh O’Leary III


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