Letter: Invest in knowledge

Perhaps Benjamin Franklin said it best: “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

We realize that by now you’ve probably heard or read all the compelling reasons you should vote “yes” on 3A, so we won’t list them all again. But we would like to add our voices to those who’ve already spoken in favor of 3A. As educators at Aspen Elementary School, we know firsthand the critical importance of adequate funding for our schools. We invest in knowledge every single day with our time, our talents and our hearts. Please consider your vote an investment that will pay huge interest dividends, and vote “yes” on 3A.

Rixt Clifford, Amy Coyle, Renee Giles, Mimi Hauenstein, Susan McKeller, Becky Oliver, Allison Spayd and Kari Stoll

Current and former teachers, Aspen Elementary School