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Letter: Internet fluoride info

Kudos to the Snowmass Water and Sanitation District for deciding not to fluoridate its water system. After reading Phyllis Mullenix’s (doctorate in pharmacology specializing in neurotoxicology, post-doctorate in environmental medicine) letter to the U.S. Army Medical Command (found at http://www.nofluoride.com), I was convinced this is the right thing to do. She was tasked with researching the possible neurotoxic potential of fluoride at the Forsyth Dental Center. When her research found fluoride to be toxic and she was to publish her finding in the Journal of Neurology and Teratology, she was fired. Her findings are within a letter posted on the website with corresponding research validation. This might help those of you with some questions.

Some of the fluoride for municipal water is gotten from phosphate fertilizer factories, as it’s illegal to release in into the air, but drinking it is OK?

Mary Robertson