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Letter: Interesting and dangerous

It was interesting to hear Donald Trump’s speech Tuesday night after he won the campaign in Indiana. When he wins, he plays nice. He went all out complimenting Ted Cruz on a tough battle. Talked about how tough Cruz is and what a beautiful family he has.

Rewind half a day, though, and Trump talks about how Cruz’s dad may have had a hand in the murder of John F. Kennedy. Rewind a few weeks, and he basically calls Ted’s wife really unattractive. What kind of person does things like this on a daily basis? Trump obviously has no filter. Can you imagine this man-child running the country and the free world?

I am pretty sure that Trump cannot win a general election. Thank God; thank the Democrats — really thank moderate Republicans who absolutely will not vote for Trump. Also thank Latinos, African-Americans, Muslims, women and a bunch of other groups that have been abused by this particular candidate, most likely the worst person ever to run for this office. Sure, this is entertaining, up until today. Can you imagine how crazy it could be if this man makes it all the way to the White House? Crazy, stupid, interesting and dangerous. Wow.

Miles Knudson

Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Aspen

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