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Letter: Information about Clapper-Ittner ‘history’ incorrect

Information about Clapper-Ittner ‘history’ incorrect

This election season is heating up and there is only one locally contested race, which is between Patti Clapper, the Democratic nominee for Pitkin County Commissioner and the self-described Republican Rob Ittner. We truly appreciate the election coverage being done by The Aspen Times. However, we would like to respectfully request that The Aspen Times publish a correction to the front page article, “Clapper, Ittner bring history to commissioner’s race,” which ran Monday, written by reporter Michael McLaughlin. Mr. McLaughlin incorrectly states that Rob Ittner defeated Patti Clapper in 2009 to win the District 1 commissioner’s seat. In fat, Patti Clapper was not even in the race. Rob Ittner ran against challenger Jack Johnson in the 2009 open seat race. In addition, the article states that it is an open seat, which is incorrect. Mr. Ittner holds the seat and is being challenged by Ms. Clapper. We would also point out that Ms. Clapper was interviewed first, Mr. Ittner was allowed to comment on her answers but Ms. Clapper was not afforded the opportunity to comment on his answers.

The Pitkin County Democratic Party has strongly endorsed Patti Clapper for Pitkin County Commissioner because we know she is the candidate who is truly concerned about managed growth and who will always genuinely listen to the opinions and concerns of the affected neighborhoods when questions of growth and development come up before the Board of County Commissioners. In addition, Patti advocates for keeping Thompson Divide protected and pristine. As a registered nurse, Ms. Clapper is concerned about providing strong health and human services support and she is especially concerned about strengthening the network of support for mental health crisis intervention services in our county. Patti is pro-choice, against the Personhood Amendment and favors GMO labeling — all issues important to Pitkin County Democrats this fall.

We ask The Aspen Times to issue a correction as to the fact Patti Clapper did not run against Mr. Ittner in 2009 and that Mr. Ittner did not defeat Patti Clapper to win the District 1 seat on the board of county commissioners. In the interest of fairness, we would also ask that Ms. Clapper be allowed to respond to Mr. Ittner’s answers. I know you would agree that knowing the facts about this local race and presenting them in a balanced manner are critical as voters begin receiving their mail-in ballots this week. Just as critical is that voters should fill out their ballots and mail them in with two stamps or hand deliver their ballots to the Pitkin County Clerk’s Office on Main Street in Aspen. We now have same-day voter registration in Colorado and eligible residents can register to vote and vote on the same day, with proper ID, up until election day Nov. 4. For more information on the mail-in ballots, please go to http://www.pitkinvotes.org. For more information on our endorsed candidates, please visit http://www.pitkincountydemocraticparty.org.

Blanca O’Leary

Chair, Pitkin County Democratic Party

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