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Letter: In support of the hospital mill-levy extension

Aspen Valley Hospital provides an essential service to our community while maintaining top-rated service, fair pricing and exceptional financial ratings. We are deserving of the community’s support. The staff and professionals at the hospital are dedicated to providing great health care services, and our customers routinely confirm this.

We work hard to earn the trust and respect of the community every day. We have been good stewards of the hospital’s funds and resources. The mill-levy funds enable the hospital to maintain its outstanding staff, infrastructure and quality service.

During the past years, we have not taken any more from the mill levy than necessary to sustain ourselves. During this election, we are asking for an extension of the current mill-levy levels at the same rate we have had for five years.

You can learn more at http://www.aspenvalleyhospital.org.

Please vote “yes” on ballot issue 5A.

Chuck Frias

Treasurer, Aspen Valley Hospital board of directors