Letter: In it for themselves

In a letter to The Aspen Times on March 14 titled “Stevens will restore civility,” Stacey Craft asserts that “Only a small condo hotel has been proposed” for the Pan and Fork. But the building I see at is neither “small” nor “only.” Look for yourself. Along the same lines, I received a mailing called “OneBasalt” that shows a building faded into the background that dwarfs the Rocky Mountain Institute building behind it and is twice as tall. Is this the small condo hotel she means? The website shows a second, even larger building. Then there is a third building masked by trees.

The mailing further mentions an existing 25-acre riverpark system. If you can find this park next to the river, please let me know. It is certainly not in the center of town, easily accessible for people to gather, have events and relax in one another’s company.

It seems to me that over half of the letters in support of Rick Stevens are written by the development community, people expecting payback from this project. Sounds like “Happy Realtors, happy developers, happy architects, unhappy residents.”

Anna Naeser