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Letter: In honor of Ideas Fest

I have some great and useful ideas that are free and simple and actually could change the world and leave it a better place for our children.

1. Since the government is talented at creating diseases like HIV, cancer and Zika, how about it creates the disease of unconditional love and inject everyone with it? At least the autism rates would drop.

2. If we are going to have a huge financial meltdown, how about we just sell all the private planes at the airport and fill a huge, gaping hole in the budget and keep the air cleaner?

3. How about we ban religions of every kind and make only one religion: love?

4. How about we stop invading nature through the spread of the human species and allow the animals and the land to recuperate from our ceaseless consume-more-ism?

5. How about we have a better choice of president than an egomaniacal bully or a lying corporate puppet?

6. How about we get corporate money out of politics?

7. How about the U.S. government stops creating terrorist groups and then saying it didn’t and then using the names of those groups to create continuous terrorist attacks so that the people of the U.S. live in fear and laws can be written against its citizens?

8. How about all the people wasting our hard-earned money give it back?

9. How about we only make things we really need and stop producing a bunch of junk to sell that is simply wasting the resources of our children’s future?

10. How about we leave all the laws in place protecting our environment and the animals that share our planet?

11. How about we say “hell no” to genetically modified organisms and stop poisoning ourselves with man-made food?

12. How about we stop spreading our false democracy and consume-more-ism to the rest of the world?

13. How about we actually do away with Democrats and Republicans and we start to have the unified Peaceful Human Citizen Party?

14. How about we all just get over our arrogance, thinking we know better than Mother Nature (which we so obviously do not) and slow down and assess all of the damage we have done to our planet and take things more slowly by actually recognizing the impact 8 billion consuming people can have on our Earth?

15. How about we make every day Gratitude Day for this amazing planet that has been given to us as a gift by a loving creator and stop claiming we own anything, because we actually don’t, and, if this is the way we treat what we own, admit how spoiled and selfish we are and grow up?

16. How about we stop thinking we know what we are doing, because we don’t?

17. How about we start getting a grip and putting planet over profit?

18. How about we ask how much is enough?

Alecia Evans


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