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Letter: In defense of the accused

Our sincere sympathy and condolences continue to go out to the Pfister family.

On Friday, my friend Kathy Carpenter was released from jail, and indeed many of us are rejoicing at the answer to our prayers — ours and Kathy’s — that the truth would be revealed. Kathy lost a dear friend in Nancy Pfister, and then was accused of taking her life and was misquoted in what she said in her 911 call. That led to many believing she was guilty. From the very beginning, Kathy forgave all who were incriminating her and those who arrested her, and from the very beginning she chose to lift them up in prayer every single day: the judge, the district attorney, the Stylers, the lawyers, the jailers. She prayed for all the truth to be revealed and for whoever did this horrible thing to be caught. She wanted justice to be done. Her heart was one of other-centeredness and hope for her future. She knew that God, her creator, had a plan for her even in the loss of all she knew to be hers. Her job, her home, her finances, her car and all her freedom was, in one fell swoop, gone. She has chosen to be better and not bitter. She has been amazing in choosing to get closer to God and to wait and see what he would do. She chose to also pray for every single person who sent her cards and letters, so to those of you who did, consider yourself prayed for by Kathy.

What marvelous promises there are regarding the results of a life that abides in Christ (John 15:4-5). For someone to continue to cling to what they know to be good and true and beautiful (anytime, but especially in this situation or any bad situation) takes a lot of transforming of one’s mind, choosing what they do not see to be true.

God loves us so very much that he gave his one and only son to die for us, for all our sin (Greek word translated “missing the mark, the target”), that we may live with him forever in eternity. It is a gift we have a choice to say “yes” to. It is a gift we have to choose to unwrap, as with any gift we are given.

Her battle is not over, as some of this is still being played out, so for those of you who pray, please lift her up. She still prays for truth to prevail.

Pam Fisher


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