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Letter: In defense of liberty

In defense of liberty

Dear Editor:

The commentary about the Supreme Court case United States v. Windsor has generated a lot of heat and not much light. Activists on both sides of the same-gender-marriage issue have proclaimed great consequences from this decision. The same-gender-marriage advocates have claimed a great victory. Indeed for the plaintiff, this case was a spectacular win.

United States v. Windsor was a great victory for every person in the United States. While gay and lesbian couples were nominally at risk, the decision was not about their right to marry. The court did not approve or disapprove of their social arrangements.

Despite what the declarations on both sides of the issue assert, the case was not about marriage. It neither deterred divorces nor encouraged couples to marry. If the law’s purpose was to discourage same-gender marriages, it did not do that, either. The whole political process was a lie right up to the name of the statute. It defended nothing but arrogance, hatred and repression.

So what happened? The court protected every person in the United States by asserting the Fifth Amendment’s demand that “no person … be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.”

The law attacked a very small group of people. The court defended everybody when it stuck down the law. The court’s decision is good for all minorities and good for every person in this country. The liberty of all is threatened when the liberty of any is wrongfully deprived.

So, this Fourth of July, we can all celebrate our liberty and thank those who struggled and sacrificed so greatly for us to have liberty and thank those who continue to defend that liberty.

Edward Sanditen


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