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Letter: Improving connectivity in Snowmass Village is the goal

In response to Steve Stay’s letter to the editor in the Aspen Daily News, “Making people moving fun,” on March 9, the town of Snowmass Village would like everyone to know that we agree with a lot of what was stated. In fact, we agree so much that in March 2015, the Town Council made improving the overall connectivity of the community a top priority. Over the past several months, the town and many community members have been working on a Community Connectivity Plan.

The plan is a Town Council initiative that began in September. It is dedicated to providing a comprehensive plan that enhances pedestrian, bicycle and transit connections and reduces the need for vehicle travel in Snowmass Village. To do this, the plan has been using multiple feedback tools to identify priorities of the community. The priorities that have emerged so far include improving pedestrian crossings and safety across Brush Creek Road, adding walkways or sidewalks along major corridors, adding bike lanes or shoulders, adding trail connections to strategic locations and looking at significant ways to improve the Skittles connection.

We all agree and understand that there are multiple nodes in Snowmass Village, and getting to and from your favorite locations without driving can be difficult. That’s why the Community Connectivity Plan and ideas like Steve’s are so important, and we would like to encourage you to get involved. We expect a draft plan in April, which will set the course for how the town will address this critical issue.

Be sure to give us your thoughts as it goes through the adoption process. Visit http://www.tosv.com/CCP to learn more about the project and leave your input on some of the draft concepts that have been proposed so far.

Travis Elliott

Assistant to the town manager, Snowmass Village