Letter: Immigration problem stems from misguided policies

The open-border advocates can now see first hand what their misguided “humanitarian” policies have created.

They say we can’t deport the 11 million illegals hiding in this country. By presidential fiat, Obama gave the “dreamers” de facto amnesty. And for goodness sake, we can’t break up any illegal families, the bleeding hearts cry.

And now, those “great-thinker,” progressive Democrats can’t figure out why the rest of the world believes our country is soft on illegal immigration.

Obama has refused to enforce our immigration laws and is completely responsible for the horde of illegals now breaching our borders. How long will we be able to play Mother Theresa to the Third World before the USA becomes a Third World country? The Democrats can never buy enough votes and the Republicans can never have enough cheap labor.

Beware citizens, the 1 percent can never have enough poor to nurture their greed.

Bruno Kirchenwitz