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Letter: Immediacy and importance of Colorado caucus

The presidential election is a long way off, but the immediacy and importance of the Colorado state caucus are here and now.

First, its importance: Because attending the caucus takes a fair amount of a voter’s time (three to four hours on the evening of March 1 at a site determined by your voter precinct), not many voters will attend, so your vote is important because of the sparse number of attendees. Another reason for your vote’s importance is that caucus results are tallied proportionally, not by a winner-take-all method, as our general elections are. This means that if your candidate loses by a margin of 52 votes against him or her to 48 votes for him or her, your candidate will still get 48 percent of your precinct’s vote (in a winner-take-all vote, the winner would get 100 percent of your precinct’s vote and the loser 0 percent). That means your vote counts even if your candidate loses.

The immediacy of the caucus: Because you may only vote in the Colorado caucus if you are registered in one of the two major parties, and this must be done prior to Jan. 1, you must make sure that you are registered with either of these parties by that time. It is very simple to register online by going to Colorado secretary of state voter registration. All you need is your driver’s license (or some other proof of residency). Registration is extremely simple and quick, as is changing your status from independent to one of the two parties (you can also change right back to independent after March 1).

Make your vote count; register before Jan. 1, and vote in the Colorado caucus March 1.

Robert Bogner


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