Letter: Ignoring the will of the electorate

One intent of Referendum 1 was to give the City Council support and a heads-up to challenge developers’ requests for variances. It was hoped that commercial developers in the city core might understand that they should adjust their development applications to confirm to zoning codes — height, lot-line setbacks and interior square footage as well as parking and affordable-housing regulations.

Base2 approval would fly in the face of residents who see that the City Council is ignoring the will of the electorate by continuing to give variances for oversized big boxes that do not meet current zoning codes and do not provide the required parking or affordable housing.

If Base2 is defeated, the developer will not be able to build a similar-size building without a public vote but would be free to propose a more suitable plan that would not require variances.

Please vote “no” against Base2 ballot question 2A to send a clear message to both the developer and the City Council that we need to proceed wisely and with respect to the character of our town and our zoning codes.

Patricia Benninghoff