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Letter: If GMO crops are healthy, then label them

If GMO crops are healthy, then label them

The Associated Press article that ran in the Oct. 26 edition of the Aspen Daily News (“Maui voters get to decide whether to ban GMO crops”) appeared to be an editorialized-style infomercial to undermine the GMO labeling initiative. The article contained the statement: “There has been little scientific evidence showing foods grown from GMO seeds are less safe than their conventional counterparts. But fears persist in Hawaii and elsewhere.” That is opinion in the most liberal interpretation. There are many documented studies linking some GMO crops to serious health concerns. I have recently seen similar articles in other newspapers with a similar paragraph inserted, which leads one to suspect an organized campaign of this style is being run by those GMO inventors, producers and giant food companies that don’t think people are entitled to know what type of food they are buying. Please be careful in the selection of AP articles that you chose to run. It is purported that the genetically modified pro-agri giants are spending more than $20 million in Oregon and Colorado to defeat the right to know labeling measures on the Nov. 4 ballots. The cost to label is reported to be less than $1 per person per year. It seems to me that If GMO crops were so healthy and equal to organically grown ones, their producers would be proud to label them.

Mark Kwiecienski


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