Letter: I want more, too

I want more, too

Please help me understand this, because it sound like poo poo to me!

“In essence, Mariner is saying it spent its allotted space, so now it wants more.” (“Willits used approved allotment, seeks more,” The Aspen Times, July 17.)

“Mariner’s team said the project isn’t economically feasible with the current land-use approvals. It wants the additional space to help its bottom line and make the project more appealing from a critical mass aspect. To blunt the cost of development for the rest of the project, Mariner wants town approval to charge a public improvement fee. That would allow Mariner to place a fee on any future goods and services sold there.” (Willits developer wants to expand, The Aspen Times, July 17). Mariner wants Basalt to take less sales tax for 20 years and an “add-on fee” paid by the consumer to raise revenue that would go directly to Mariner.

“Mariner acquired the project in 2011 after Freed and Associates faced foreclosure,” so they got a pretty good deal, I assume? Now they are saying it is not profitable based on the 2001 development proposal and the discounted foreclosure price they paid. Then why in the hell did you buy it and proceed with the alleged not profitable enough development? Wow, that is right in line with a good ol’ fashioned stick-’em-up robbery!

Oh, I too want more because I spent all my allotted money for food and costs of living this month! Who should I talk to?

John Norman