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Letter: I say yes to 2A

Yes on 2A supports one of our basic community goals: guest accommodations. We have lost small lodges slowly over the past many years and it is clearly identified that replacement lodging serves the needs of the community. This is one main reason that the lodge incentives were created. Housing relief is one of the incentives — I support that in order to support “good development.” If there is an incentive program, something has to be offered to incentivize developers to build the things we want. We as a community collect a tremendous amount of tax funds annually (which the Base2 Lodge will also contribute) for housing, and the community is well funded to support “good development” by awarding housing incentives. Mark Hunt is already responsible for the housing of over 20 employees to date, and through his other endeavors will contribute to as many as 100 more employees housed in town. If you support housing, support this project. It provides housing directly and will continue to contribute to further housing through collection of taxes, which helps our community far more.

Finally, to all of my friends, don’t just vote against the new guy. This is far too important to the community for that. New guy, old guy, rich guy, poor guy — doesn’t matter. Hotels support our community and they’re hard to build. We have a chance to get one, let’s take it. Yes on 2A.

Peter Fornell