Letter: I pray for the ethics-free soul of the Times

I pray for the ethics-free soul of the Times

It’s about time you acknowledged the repeated breach of the code of ethics of journalism. The fact you want to rehire Leigh Vogel makes me want to vomit. The Aspen Times provided a platform for Bill Fabrocini, Vogel, Guy Courtney and Voices of Krabloonik to destroy a family business for one purpose, their own personal financial gain.

You see, I have read all the emails and there is no denying it. The fact you allowed them to use the Times for their own personal vendetta and continue to provide a platform for Fabrocini speaks for itself. You have no ethics.

Show some moral values, acknowledge the Times’ reporting was biased, slanted and distorted by member of your staff and Voices. As a devout Christian, I pray for your soul! To demonstrate you have some moral creditability, print this letter in the Times — if you dare.

Joe Wasco

Doylestown, Pa.