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Letter: HVAC 101

Jordan Lewis and his public-relations team have been proclaiming that their latest attempt at odor mitigation is a “closed loop,” self-contained system. To clear the air on this claim once again:

A closed-loop system as defined in industry glossary terms does not exchange air or other contaminants with the adjacent environment during operation. Air or atmosphere inside the system is continuously circulated through internal filter systems.

Duh — this is not a “closed loop” system! High Valley is ducting exhausted air from its filters directly into the adjacent environment, currently aiming at the Roaring Fork Club rather than Highway 82. Read recent posts on the RoaringForkSkunkSmell.com website, and it will be obvious a noxious smell continues and is a byproduct of High Valley’s current “open loop” system. People aren’t complaining because they have nothing better to do.

When Lewis has installed a truly “closed loop” system in which all contaminated air is self-contained within the facility by ducting exhausted, filtered air back into the greenhouse and not being discharged into the environment, he may be pleasantly surprised to see that the complaints disappear.

I suggest he hire a mechanical engineer who knows the definition of “closed loop.” Obviously the last one did not and has misinformed him and his public-relations team.

David Lambert