Letter: How do they get away with it?

So, when the airlines implement higher fares, they justify it with the citation of higher fuel costs. So, why doesn’t the flipside hold true? Fuel costs are down considerably. Fares should drop accordingly. Lower fares, please.

The Krabloonik sled dogs are mistreated. The potential new owners are subject to a subordination agreement with the current owner, Dan MacEachen. If the new owners default, the place again reverts to MacEachen. More dog abuse in the works. What’s up with that? The dogs are screwed.

The parking meter fiasco is a joke. Residents pay for grading roads, plowing roads, street maintenance, parking meters, parking meter maids, etc. And then we have to pay, yet again to park on the very streets we installed. I don’t get it.

Politicians everywhere, but local politicians here promise everything to get your vote. When they reach office, they operate with impunity. How do they get away with it?

There are rules, laws and regulations on every topic known to man. So, why don’t we live in a better, safer, more productive world? Hmm.


Henry Reardon