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Letter: How dare they?

An intoxicating and somewhat appealing thought to think Basalt’s constipation would be relieved by a new mayor. If you buy that idea, you probably fall into one of two camps:

1. You are part of the “development-team family” that includes some architects, real estate brokers, spec investors, etc., who I estimate have authored about 75 percent of the letters to the editors in support of Rick Stevens.

2. You are part of a pool of good, trusting people who have other things going on and cannot follow all the details, so you must pick up bits and pieces from what you read and see.

This letter is directed at those in the second group — the average resident. The blame for the constipation this past year on the Pan and Fork goes to Stevens and his cronies. The cronies shoved a heaping helping of self-serving, indigestible developer stew on the public’s plate and have been demanding we eat their crap. Had something public-serving been proposed a year ago, like it should have, we would not have the delays and bickering. Instead, Jacque Whitsitt has stood up to, and taken heat from, the development bullies who have not given up. With determination and disregard for the large public good, they have pushed and pushed to privatize what should be public-serving. Biased surveys that omitted a large river park as an option and presentations that were biased in favor of heavy development were all part of this smoke and mirrors and what was sold as “the public process.” The “Our Town” process was never completed and was taken over by a developer proposal. The town (town manager?) hires the same architects that the proposed developer did after the public rejected their outrageous proposal. Who better to design “options” for the town than the same firm that has a very big vested interest in the developer getting what it wants? The process was broken by undue influence nearly every step of the way. Stevens has been right in there doing his part to block out the public for his developer friends. The developer’s support group has been saying we need Stevens’ “leadership and vision.” When you hear that phrase, realize what some of them no doubt mean is they need a mayor who will give the public’s stuff away to members of their small group in forms of land (Lions Park giveaway has been discussed as a trade), excessive development approvals (that is what this election is about), diminished impact fees (already done and supported by Stevens) and sharing of tax dollars at Willits with developers (Rick voted “yes,” and Jacque voted “no”).

Rick may be a nice guy to have as a neighbor, but are his choices what you think are best for Basalt? This is much too important a decision for Basalt’s future to base your vote on some anecdotal, feel-good letters from neighbors and those with vested interests in seeing him elected. Re-electing Jacque Whitsitt for mayor would ensure that the right things get done and the public served. Get out and vote, Basalt!

Mark Kwiecienski