Letter: How big is too big?

There seems to be some question on the size of a building that may be built if Base2 is defeated in the fall election. When I first met Mark Hunt, he claimed that if Base2 is not built, he could build a commercial building in that location with the same footprint (coverage of the same part of the lot) and a floor-area ratio that would not violate the zoning. I responded that might be true, but he wouldn’t be allowed zero setbacks on a commercial building. Also, a substitute building conforming to zoning would have two floors. Base2 as approved has three floors.

The Hunt/pro-Base2 team continues to present the half-truth of building size of an alternative structure in that location. In fact, their slick and well-designed website even states that there are setbacks on all sides, which just isn’t true. For months now, all news accounts agree that there are zero setbacks on Base2. How can they now say there are setbacks?

In any event, here’s what matters: Base2, as approved, is a specific project with specific dimensions. If defeated in the election, Hunt will have to submit a new project that must conform to zoning complete with setbacks as required by zoning.

Vote “no” on Base2 — vote “no” on ballot issue 2A.

Ward Hauenstein