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Letter: Housing seniors

Wouldn’t it be great if we could develop a policy in the affordable-housing world that would, as its goal, find ways to help free-market units be converted into resident affordable units? For instance, develop a policy that seeks to help our older Aspenites have an alternative to selling the property they bought 30 years ago and moving away. Whether they are in a condo or a home, find mechanisms for them to partially monetize their real estate so they can stay and retire in Aspen.

Too often, Aspen old-timers are faced with the reality of retirement that drives the need to sell their real estate and leave. I say this is a great loss for our community. Let’s find alternatives that not only provide local retirees with the means to stay in Aspen but, in doing so, also provide real estate opportunities for future generations that cannot afford free-market prices.

Scott Writer