Letter: Hoops heroes

On behalf of the Basalt Recreation Department, thank you to all eight teams that participated in the third year of our men’s basketball league. Thank you to all of the players who were dedicated to playing every week and even missed watching Sunday Night Football to play in the basketball league; your dedication is admirable! Thank you to all of our referees, especially Michael Campbell, Randy Schriever, Nate Hanson and Jake Toupal; without them, we would not have been able to have a successful league. A big thank-you to Basalt High School for allowing the Recreation Department to use the “Bighouse” every Sunday! Lastly, I would like to thank Sure Thing Burger for donating a gift certificate for the first-place team in the league; your support of our adult recreation events is very much appreciated! Congratulations to the Jaywalker Lodge basketball team on its first-place finish, and thank you to all who participated this season — have a wonderful winter, and we will see you back on the court next fall!

Katheryne Fitzpatrick

Basalt Recreation Department