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Letter: Honoring our father

To honor the passing of Bud Mulcahy of Basalt and Arlington, Texas, we are taking donated used laptops to Kenya from the communities of the Roaring Fork Valley and Texas to the school in the Rift Valley that was named after our amazing Papa.

We would like to express our kindest appreciation to the companies that have volunteered to clean the donated laptops owned by Ward Hauenstein and Steve “The Mac Man” Elman.

Donated laptops can be dropped off at the offices of the Aspen Jewish Congregation, St. Stephen’s in Glenwood Springs, St. Vincent’s in Basalt, St. Mary’s in Aspen, the Orchard in Carbondale, Aspen Community Church or Christ Episcopal on Fifth near the music tent, or alternatively, we can pick them up by calling 970-429-8797.

Sandy and Lee Mulcahy