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Letter: Historical Society has more to do

Dear City Council members:

I understand you have scheduled a hearing on the transferable-development-rights situation for the Aspen Historical Society. I am not familiar with the opposition to this but can speak as a member of the Historical Society board of directors back in the old days before the organization received any public funding. Times were really tough financially in those days, and we were concerned about having the funds to keep the doors open, much less preserve the artifacts, photographs, etc., from times past.

I know that things are better now, but the services the Historical Society provides also have expanded, and there is lots more it can do to preserve our past.

Granting the Historical Society the transferable development rights it seeks would preserve this parcel as open space forever regardless of the whims and desires of future councils. At the same time, it would provide funds for the Historical Society to expand its role in preserving Aspen’s history. There is so much it can do with additional funding.

I hope you will act favorably on this subject.

Nick Coates