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Letter: Hillary is a real presidential contender

Hillary is a real presidential contender

This is in response to Glenn Beaton’s venomous and offensive op-ed (“Hillary’s Missing Organ,” The Aspen Times, Commentary, March 29), in which he bashes Hillary Clinton while proclaiming himself gender-unbiased. Mr. Beaton, your words belie a profound gender discrimination, starting with the statement that Clinton is angling to become the “First President Without a Penis,” as if any woman would refer to herself in this way. My, what a man-centric viewpoint. Rather, I imagine Hillary responding to the call of duty we the people are putting her up to (and rather reluctantly, knowing what she is up against) to become the first woman (completely whole and not missing any parts, thank you) presidential candidate.

I am struck by Beaton’s list of grievances against Clinton. In all of my 50-plus years, I cannot recall a male presidential candidate ever being called out because he “has no heart,” or (gasp!) possesses too much greed and ambition. Beaton seems particularly peeved at the price she commands for her speaking engagements. Could it be that in this traditional “man’s game,” Clinton has achieved her position because she actually earned it through her own courageous determination to succeed and make a difference? I doubt Beaton has read her book “It Takes a Village,” in which Clinton exposes her compassionate, maternal heart for all to see. Perhaps if he did, he would understand that underlying the tough exterior, Clinton is fully a woman trying to operate in a man’s world and change the status quo. I know I speak for a lot of people when I say I am more than ready for this change, and grateful to finally have a real presidential contender in the form of Hillary Clinton.

Kim Floria


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