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Letter: Hickenlooper’s drug stance

Hickenlooper’s drug stance

Governor Hickenlooper “noted” to Katie Couric “that almost every elected official in the state was opposed to legalization (of marijuana).” That being said, what does that say for our elected officials? I thought they were supposed to represent “we the people,” and not their personal ideals or opinions. Good thing there was a vote!

The “Don’t be a lab rat” campaign is lame, too. Hippies of the 60’s were “lab rats,” trying all sorts of new things. Most of them turned out fine. Simply tell the youth that drugs, although being fun at times and for a while, can be detrimental to your heath and long-term goals in life. It is that simple. As a youth, I wanted to do anything you/parents told me not to do: touch the wet paint, smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, do drugs, have sex, smoke weed, drive fast and so on. Legalize it all, tax it all, and spend the tax income on education, rehabilitation, treatment facilities and other services. You will never get rid of the drug use in this country, or guns either. Take the black-market profits out of it and deal with it and move on to the next problem, like the Hobby Lobby nonsense.

Enjoy the Fourth of July. Remember drinking and driving can be detrimental to your health, pocket book, driving record and lives of others — and same goes for driving high! Be smart, people!

John Norman


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