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Letter: Here’s a traffic solution

We can solve the traffic and congestion crisis in Aspen with a carbon tax-based road-pass system. It could work something like this:

– Any vehicle past the intercept lot would require a pass.

– Passes would be priced according to a vehicle’s miles per gallon (the better the mpg, the cheaper the pass — electric vehicles are free).

– Aspen residents would get a free pass

– Construction and service vehicles and would get temporary passes that could be validated by their customers at the time of the service call.

– Developers and their clients who regularly move heavy construction vehicles through town would pay the most for these passes as they are creating the largest impact on our roads and environment.

– Use the revenue from the passes to run light rail from the intercept and/or other green transportation options.

Problem solved. Where do I pick up the $500,000 check? Next up, carbon tax private jets.

Matthew Monaghan